About Us

About Us

What is SpeedTestNow?

SpeedTestNow is an online web app that allows you to test your internet speed.

Is SpeedTestNow a subscription/paid service?

No, SpeedTestNow Store is completely free without any restrictions.

SpeedTestNow Store is ad/affiliate supported.

Remember to help us continue SpeedTestNow up by disabling your AdBlocking software.

About Censorship

If SpeedTestNow is censured in your country don’t worry.

You can use a VPN/Proxy/Tor to view SpeedTestNow.

If you still having connection problems then don’t hesitate to contact us via the Contact Form.

Contact Us

You can contact us via the contact form.

SpeedTestNow is part of Jet Studio Software

SpeedTestNow is a web service provided by Jet Studio Software.

Created with love by Jonathan Terreo.